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Aether: Welcome to the official home of Divinitas. Where I am lord and master over all things. Especially Phoenix.

Phoenix: ... I am NOT yours! Or a THING! >_<

Aether: Yes you are. And dear visitor, if you doubt my claim, just click on the link to the chronicles link above... and all will be revelled. ^_^

Phoenix: He lies. But what you can find here is our story, our artworks, and a lot of... stuff. And if you have no idea at all, the introduction is apparently a good place to start.


.. updates & announcements ..

8th Nov. 2007:

This isn't really Divinitas related... but you could make it be? XD

I'm sure most of you will kick me because I ought to be spending my time writing Divinitas and updating, but I'm offering an Art Auction on Gaia Online for a piece of BL & BDSM themed artwork. So for those of you who are on Gaia Online, have a TON of gold (yes, a TON - the starting bid is 500K) sitting around doing nothing, would like a piece of almost free (well, you're not paying real money - just Gaia Gold!) artwork done by me of two pretty boys doing indecent things to one another, then head over to this thread HERE for more details. Auction ends 18th of Nov, so time is short!

5th Nov. 2007:

... please don't hurt me? x_x

... the important thing is I've updated now? XD ... Okay, I know, I'm a bad bad person when it comes to updating. I doubt I'll ever improve. So unless you guys can figure out a way to really make me WANT to update... errr, the updates will always be sporadic at best. Hahahaha. X_x Sorry.

Blah! Onto the updates. I've posted 2 new chapters. I know I really owe you guys more, but I hate formatting and editing. >_> That, and I haven't written anything since like MAY... I will try to get back into writing soon. X_x (Work for the convention + normal work really sucked up all my time. And when I work on artage, I tend to neglect my writing.)

I haven't posted any of the Divinitas artworks I finished for the 2007 conventions with this update - they'll be on the next update. What I have posted this time is a bunch of new fanart and fan poems! So head over to Fan Art and Fan Fics section to check them out! (Thank you so so much to everyone who sent in fan art and poetry to me! Sorry again for taking so long to respond!)

The Events section is pretty much... dead atm too. I haven't finished the gift art "Crimson" yet, so that will have to be something that happens in 2008. X_x The conventions for 2007 are all over and done with now - Animania and Supanova were much fun, though I did have two people tell me at Animania (rather randomly, since I didn't know them!) that I should update. >_> Well, I have now! Like... 1.5 months after Animania. Hahahaha... X_x Thanks for dropping by my table - I do apologise I wasn't more... awake when you guys spoke to me (I was up all night the night before Animania, finishing stuff off X_X).

Last, and least, I've closed the Divinitas Shop for the time being whilst I update it with new items and remove sold out stuff. The conventions has really thrown everything out of whack, and I'm terribly lazy when it comes to organsing things and updating (as you all well know). I'll be writing more over the summer (I'm in AU, so yes, summer is coming in Dec!), and planning out more of Phoenix and the Yaoi Booth, as well as finishing off several IP Divinitas artworks. I'll see you all in the next update!

11th Aug. 2007:

I suck at updating. I know. I'm a horrible person for not updating. I know. If you want to hit me, come to SMASH! on the 18th of August 2007 and hit me. >_> Because this isn't a proper update either... just a quick note to say I'm still alive, and Divinitas is still on-going, but I'm not updating because I've been rather busy with artage and have of late, avoided the net for the most part. (Those of you who have sent me fanart and fan poetry, I have received them, but I haven't gotten around to reading/looking at them yet, and thus have not replied back. Trust that I will, only some time in the future.)

Anyway... onto the quick announcements... as noted above, SMASH! is on next Saturday! I will be having a table there along with many many other artists... so if you hate me for not updating, think I'm horrible for being a terrible author, come and yell at me. ^_^ Or bribe me. XD Whatever floats your boat. Also, I WAS planning on attending Manifest (anime convention in Melbourne), but that will no longer be the case because of a few reasons. Long story short, I'm just going to give it a miss this year. Perhaps next year!

I have been working on a new set of Divinitas Chibis (titled Series 2...) and these will be on sale at SMASH! and the other conventions later on this year. I'll put these up when I get around to updating properly too... or else you can seem them first hand if you come to SMASH! XD (I promise to update before the end of October... >_> )

27th May. 2007:

Just a note of warning... my laptop has been bluescreening on me of late... >____> So I will need to get it fixed. There's a chance that the next scheduled update may not take place because of my computer problems, so this is the heads up for a possible no-update in a fortnight. That said, here's chapter 072 to tie you over until the next update! XD Yay for smut! (Before everything goes to hell, again.)

13th May. 2007:

Posted 071! This chapter is a lot... "nicer" than the previous one. Sort of. >_> At least, there's no physical torture. XD Enjoy and see you in 2 weeks time. ^_^

29th Apr. 2007:

070 is now up... This chapter is another one of those not very nice chapters that has a lot of violence and blood in it. X_x Yes, poor Phoenix. We also have a new fan poem which can be found in the Fan Fics section thanks to April. (BTW, the entries from the Fan Fiction competition have now been moved to the fan fic page.) AND, we have new Fan Art! Much thanks to Kiminess, loopylazz, and Rahima04. Much love to all of you! XD

15th Apr. 2007:

XD Results for the Divinitas Fan Fic Comp have been announced! Check out the Competitions page for the results! ^_^ Congradulations to the winners, and a big thankyou again to everyone who entered. I hope that there will be interest in future competitions (which I hope to hold once I have some money for prizes again XD).

Of course, Chapter 069 of the Divinitas chronicles are now posted, though it's a bit of a mini-cliff hanger, so hahahaha. XD Though I think it's pretty obvious what will happen next. ^_^;;; Poor Phoenix. See you all again in two weeks!

2nd Apr. 2007:

Sorry that this update is a bit late! XD I wanted to post up the final entries for the Divintias Fan Fiction Competition as well, so that took me a little while to format. ^_^; BUT, yes, the Divinitas Fan Fiction Competition is now CLOSED, and the entries are in the process of being judged. All entries can be read on the Competitions page - grand total of 8 entries for this comp! XD We will make an announce concerning the winning entries as soon as the results are finalised! XD

Competition matters aside, Chapter 068 is now up, as is ch 19 of grave-walker's HP crossover fic! I've also done a new artwork of Aether & Phoenix as YAOI CHIBIS in the Artworks section. Mmmm, chibi licking. XDDD

Other news... Mini Animania on the 31st of March 2007 was a fun day out. XD I sold some stuff (didn't make too much profit though... ;_;) and thus I've also updated the stock count in the Divinitas Shop AND added the Yaoi Chibis to the listing of products. I am very very tempted to save up some money and invest in an 1" button maker so I can add little buttons/badges of chibi Divinitas characters to the list of Divinitas stuff I sell... But currently, I have no where near enough to buy something like that (I need something like $530 AUD!!!). X_x Yes, I'm still looking for a job. DAMN IT. ;____;

And finally, just a quick note on people who might be interested in the SMASH (formally listed here as ComicWorld) convention: there have been changes to the pricing, so my previous comments about the $5 entry fee and free table for artists no longer applies... apparently they... under estimated the costs. ^_^; As such, I've edited the information on the conventions page to not include any reference to costs. Check out their new website for up to date official info. XD


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